Pop-Ins Schoolhouse

9083 West Peakview Drive 80123 Littleton, CO
Phone: 303-979-0094
Pop-ins Creative School House


Located in Littleton we strive to provide exceptional care in a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can grow and learn through creative play. We offer a full day program with children attending 2, 3 or 5 days a week. We provide wholesome nutritionally balanced meals using fresh ingredients prepared by our own chef.

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Pop in
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As to Covid -19 precautions, we have instituted the following measures in an effort to remain virus free - thankfully we have managed to do so to date.

1. No non-essential persons allowed into the center.
2. Only one parent at drop off and pick up.
3. All visitors are required to wipe off shoes before entering the center.
4. All visitors required to use hand sanitizer provided before entering the center.
5. All children must leave shoes at the door.
6. All visitors and staff are required to wear face coverings.
7. No blankets, backpacks, toys etc from home allowed into the center.
8. All surfaces and toys at the center are sanitized daily.
9. Any families and staff traveling to hot spots are required to quarantine and provide a negative Covid test before being allowed to return to the center.

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