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Summer is the time for outdoor fun and activities with your toddlers and preschoolers but for many working parents it’s a stressful time trying to juggle childcare and babysitters.  Parent’s may also struggle with the idea of letting their little ones attend summer camps.   This tug of war with your emotions is understandable.   Perhaps, a good compromise is to ease your little ones into attending summer day camps where they are well supervised and get to go home at the end of a fun filled day.  Studies have shown that children can benefit from going to summer day camps:
Social Interaction - Helping children become familiar with interacting with other children and adults they are not usually in constant contact with can be very beneficial for little ones.   Children learn to interact socially with others and become familiar with children of different cultural backgrounds.   They also gain a lot of confidence being able to explore new toys and playgrounds with other children.
Independence - Being away from their usual environments and adult supervision is good for children to take responsibility for their actions and gives them a sense of autonomy and self reliance.
Community - To be amongst children their own age,  doing fun activities also gives children a sense of community and security.
Learning -  Attending organised Summer Camps is also a great opportunity to keep the learning opportunities going but in an outdoor, focused and fun environment.   Children are organised and will do many new projects and excursions every day.   These are all learning, growing opportunities that will add to their fine and gross motor skills, language and visual learning skills.

If you’re at a loose end with your child this summer, give us a call and we will gladly tell you about our summer programs.  Our doors are always open at Pop-Ins Schoolhouse to chat to parents so call us:
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