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One of the most important learning experiences for toddlers is to play with others in a group setting. Learning to take turns, share and interact with other children, control their tempers and work together on projects is a crucial learning curve before they get to #kindergarten years. "Children who attend high-quality preschool enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not," says NIEER director W. Steven Barnett, PhD.

Children will also learn to be respectful around adults, raise their hands when asking something, wait their turn to speak and not interrupt and share the teachers attention. They will also learn to separate and be away from their parents or caregiver.   Good social and behavior-management skills will help children to navigate their lives as they grow and help them to form good friendships later on in life.

As a caregiver or parent, you will have many emotions that you may be feeling, excitement and nervousness and perhaps a little sad.   Your child will also be apprehensive with this upcoming change of routine. These emotions are completely normal and can be managed step by step.

Have Fun With The Preschool Prep: Leading up to this big day of starting preschool, it’s always a good idea to gently mention a few chores that your child can partake in Perhaps, they will need a backpack and new water bottle. Let them help you choose their backpack and a water bottle that they can easily open and close. Choose a new set of clothes with them, let them choose their favorite color to wear to school on the first day. If they like to have their own blanket, maybe buying a set of two of the same, one for home and one for school will be of comfort. Mentioning this once or twice,  to help with the big transition to preschool,  is a good idea but don’t talk about it every day as they may get anxious.  Having a positive, excited attitude will help.

Points to help you:

  1. Go to the library and take out a few books on starting playschool.
  2. Play a game of being in playschool. Act out a few daily routines like saying hello to your teacher, saying goodbye to mommy or daddy. How to take off your coat and put it in your space or bag.   How to put on their shoes and zip up their bags. How to sit in circle time  and sing a song or listen to a story. How to go outside and play and how to take a nap.
  3. Reassure your child that each day will be fun. Listen to their worries.
  4. Answer all their questions slowly and patiently.
  5. Try to visit your new preschool and play in the playground.


This is a very special growing period in your child’s life and one that is very exciting and rewarding. Call us to schedule a visit to our happy, new playschool and daycare center.

Our doors are always open at Pop-Ins to chat to parents so call us:
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