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Strange times we are living through right now, but don't panic parents, you can juggle small children at home, and a work schedule.  Having a loose schedule and routine every day will help your child develop a sense of calm and security with all these new changes in the household routine.  Infants and toddlers can take up all your time during the day but we have a few tips to help you grab those moments in between chores for some work time:

  1. Choose a spot near you that can be a dedicated play place.   Check that it's a safe place that has no potential hazards, such as sharp edges, choking hazards, or loose objects, and ensure that any large furniture is safely anchored.   This can then be a safe daily play place for your little one to spend some time while you get on with your work and can still have eyes on your child at all times.  
  2. If you don't have to make calls, putting on some music can help create a fun, stimulating environment for your child.
  3. Choose a few favorite safe toys for your little one to play with.
  4. Build a tower using two or more of the materials;
  5. Create a maze that you can roll a ball through;
  6. Demonstrate stacking or nesting cups, putting balls or objects into cups, and dumping them into other containers will be great fun for younger children.
  7. If your children are a little older, using masking tape to create pathways or “racetracks” around the room can give them endless hours of fun with their cars and trucks.  
  8. Making a “cardboard box house” for make-believe play with dolls or kitchen utensils such as spoons, plastic jugs and containers will give your little ones great stimulation.
  9. For older children, school schedules will vary, and making a loose daily routine that they can tick off, with choice breaks in between for play and snacks, is something that they are already comfortable with and will help them focus.
  10. Regular healthy snacks will also keep them energized.   Sliced fruit, cheese, or crackers with chunks of carrot or cucumbers, peanut butter snacks, or a handful of nuts, can change up the mood.
  11. Doing a jigsaw puzzle mid-morning, reading a favorite book, or just running in the garden are all nice breaks.
  12. Allow your older children to call friends, perhaps even Facetime, so that the important socializing at this age is not neglected. 
  13. Now that summer is here, it may be fun to buy a paddling pool for afternoon fun with squirt guns.   These are activities you will have to keep eyes on but getting outside is always so refreshing and stimulating.   They may even be interested in planting their own seedlings and keeping them watered and cared for.
  14. There are some great apps like Epic - The Netflix of Books for kids.   Scribd also has a great offering of audiobooks.
  15. Let's face it, most of our kids, regardless of age, are probably going to get more screen time than normal. Plopping your toddler or kindergartner in front of a Netflix cartoon or an iPad game while you get 45 minutes of critical work done is not the end of the world, especially during this stressful time for all of us.  Give yourself some slack and know that this won't last forever.

And if you're totally desperate @Pop-Ins Schoolhouse we are open and geared up to keep your little ones safe, entertained, and laughing through summer.   Our #summer camps are taking in very limited numbers so call if you need help.   Just remember, everyone is in the same boat right now, so give yourself some credit and start fresh each morning knowing that it doesn't have to be perfect at the moment - just good enough!

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