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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle" Albert Einstein


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Once upon a time, children’s imaginations were rich, fuelled by outdoor play, friendship and endless time outside playing with matchbox cars and cardboard boxes.   They watched very little TV, grabbing an apple in between playing catch and hide and seek, socializing, laughing and just having unstructured fun.


Some parents don't seem to value children’s deep happiness and joy of youth over success anymore.   They think more in comparisons and milestones, graduations and trophies.  Their time is planned and scripted to near perfection.  Children’s lives should be full of wonder and adventure found right in the own backyards or toy boxes.



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Help your child find joy in everyday things.


Life is full of miracles that are happening all around us in everyday life.   Point these little miracles out to your little one on a regular basis.   Teach your children to notice and appreciate these little every day happenings like the opening of a colorful flower, a butterfly or bee pollinating a flower, clouds moving across the sky, stars twinkling at night, the moon changing shape throughout the month.   There are so many wonders that can make life joyful - a cake rising in the oven, finding a new book in the library written by your favorite author, watching the sun set and the colors it makes in the sky.  All these daily happenings are spectacular ways to recognize the joy all around us and lift our spirits.


Make sure they feel heard.


Truly making time to listen to your child’s stories or concerns about their day is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child.   They will feel more connected and build their self-confidence. Hear them when they tell you about their school day and their interaction with their friends.  This is a great way to build a bonding,  open and honest relationship with your child.


Let them express their emotions.


Young kids are still learning to manage their feelings and emotions so you will have regular outbursts of yelling when they’re mad or crying when they’re sad.   Stomping feet and running in the supermarkets is a favorite when they cant get their own way.  Let them vent and when you get to a controlled space like your car or a bench where you can sit close or hold your child and chat in their ear to calm them,  they will listen.   Talk kindly and get down to their level and ask them what is really bothering them. Then commiserate with them and stay firm in your decision of how to solve the problem.


They get to make choices.


Children have very little control over their lives in today’s hectic world.   They grow up way too fast and lose those happy moments of wearing a totally mismatched outfit to school or drawing an upside down house, instead of the perfect one you’ve found on Pinterest. Give them the opportunity to make important decisions and they will feel responsible for their choices.


Give them unconditional love.


Childhood is trial and error, we are constantly learning even as adults.   When they make mistakes, analys them and help them to understand making better choices.   They need to take chances to expand their confidence in themselves.   When children are supported and loved no matter what, they will take healthy risks and grow knowing that if they mess up they can have a chance to right the wrong and still be loved.