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There's such joy and positivity in singing along and dancing while helping little ones learn.
Singing can help preschoolers improve their capacity for learning, tapping into the memory center of the child's brain.
Learning the alphabet - Many children can sing the alphabet easily before learning the meaning of each letter.
Learning a second language - Songs in a second language will help your child remember correct pronunciation.
Counting and remembering numbers - Adding becomes easy when the first few numbers in the sequence are set to song and rhythms.

Here are just a few reasons we like to use music in our daycare center:

  1. Social Interaction -  there is no doubt that when children sing, dance or clap hands to a song, just the communal interaction helps them enjoy each other in a positive way, bonding and creating more empathy and respect for each other.   Just look at the old cultures around the world who have always celebrated the traditions of dancing and singing together!   This is a wonderful community building activity.
  2. Improved Memory - music improves muscle memory, especially in little brains.   Repetition of words and numbers to music is a much easier way to learn and remember a new skill that can be repeated later.   As an example, toddlers will remember to go to the bathroom if there's a little song that goes with the skill each time.   Singing the potty song is a whole lot more fun for them.
  3. Increased Vocabulary - some little ones can struggle to say certain sounds and pronounce new words.   Singing along helps them vocalize without being singled out.   Songs also teach new words even if they are pronounced incorrectly in the beginning.

Singing together helps children get used to hearing past and present tense and words that rhyme as well as prepositions.

  1. Improved Health - research has shown that singing out loud can have a calming effect on humans, lowering their heart rate and can even help a toddler come out of a tantrum, forget sadness and overall comfort them.
  2. Improved Self Awareness - Moving, singing and clapping to music improves coordination and helps children of any age remain active and engaged with their peers.

Moving their bodies helps them be aware of themselves and helps them out of being shy and self conscious.

You can encourage music and singing at home as well.   It will create a happier, stress free environment for the family and get the kids moving a little.