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Studies have shown that, for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, early interaction and daily play with other children, helps young children start to develop their sense of self and helps them learn what others expect from them.   All humans are social animals, craving the security, connection and affection that comes with interacting and befriending others.   These skills will help them develop into a well rounded adult, able to support a healthy family environment.

Socializing from an early age will give children the tools they need to be productive, compassionate, patient, and more confident in their abilities to try new things.  Sharing, setting boundaries, and problem solving all come from socializing and interacting with others.

There have been many studies done over an extensive period of time proving that early childhood socialization can help children be better prepared to enter school, improve concentration and listening skills and be a huge help in confidence levels when making new friends.   Overall early socialization can help enormously with decreasing the levels of anxiety in children.

Children are born to be more egocentric and they learn great skills by playing with other children, skills that will stay with them their whole lives.   Things like being able to share, how to set their own boundaries and problem solving all come from early socializing and interacting with others.   Children will learn to pick up on sadness in a friend or when a friend is upset.   Kids will eventually take these skills home and use them with parents, siblings and even pets.
Your child's school will also help them to learn consequences for their behavior, kindness and overall discipline in social environments.  Things like circle time, and story time, will keep them participating and be engaged and help them to learn patience when it's their turn to speak.

Laying the foundation for socialization and problem solving is absolutely crucial at a young age. Not only will make for happier children, their speech will improve as well as their vocabulary. Socialization for children is another factor that benefits their development and a daycare setting can support that!