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It is so important to teach your kindergarten and preschool children how to become good observers.   How to navigate their immediate home environments, their schools and landmarks around their familiar worlds.  These are skills that will last their whole lives if taught early.   We have all become so reliant on our GPS and phone map capabilities that when our batteries die or we are out of cell reception areas, we seem to be quite lost. Learning to read and use a map correctly will give them added confidence in their environments.


Here are some simple ideas to start with:

  1. Read maps together.   Make a point of buying a map book for your State and spend time examining the landmarks on the local areas that you frequent.   Point out the parks, rivers, dams, in your city and read out the names.  Mention any museums you have frequented and let your child ask questions.
  2. When you walk around the town point out landmarks that could be found on the map and make sure to look them up.  This could be their favorite park or ice cream shop. Point out the road that you take to get to this store and soon they will be able to recognize the location and road name.
  3. Create your own simple map of their house or room on a piece of paper. Let them fill in their furniture and toy shelves.   You can do this with the outside of the house and patio too.
  4. Add some fun to the map by hiding treasure in spots they have drawn on their maps.
  5. Craft your very own rose compass and glue it onto a strong paper surface:



If you start young, your child will have years of experience observing and practicing with directions and maps. You’ll feel a sense of relief knowing your child has the skills to navigate new places on their own.