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As your baby’s first teacher you can be very influential in helping them to learn and develop while having fun.   These first 6 months you can see many changes in your child’s brain development.   Here are some ideas to enjoy and encourage your little one:

  • Back and Forth Play- This type of play will help your little one be social.  When your baby makes a sound, repeat that sound back to them.   If they smile, smile back.  If they laugh, laugh right back and this will become a great game to play.   
  • Colorful Books- Read and point out animals in colorful books with your child.   Make the corresponding noise like “dog goes woof woof”.
  • Keep Walks Interesting- When you go for walks, point out the trees, flowers, birds and cars or trucks.
  • Sing- Singing nursery rhymes and repetitive songs is wonderful for babies development.
  • Music- Playing happy music around the house is a great idea for stimulating children.
  • Screen Time- limit screen time for children younger than 2 years of age.   Using screen time for video chats with loved ones
  • Tummy Time- encourage your baby to lay on their tummy and put a toy just out of reach.
  • Calm Time- helping your child to regulate their moods by talking softly, holding or rocking or singing to them.   This way they will learn to calm down.
  • Play Mat-Playing on a play mat with your baby with some toys will help them to move, learn, and explore.
  • Meal Times - Have fun feeding your child, make funny sounds while feeding them.


If you have any questions or concerns about your child, talk to your pediatrician to get reassurance on your child’s development.