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Mobile device use, when with your children, can have a negative impact on their social-emotional functioning and parent-child interactions equaling other forms of paternal withdrawal and unresponsiveness. When parents spend time on their devices instead of being present and responsive to their children, research has now proven that children will be more distressed and less resilient in social situations. Children's social and emotional development is closely attuned to parents' attention. Several recent studies have shown the disconnect with children when parents are physically present but distracted and focused on their devices. Our days have become so busy, whether you're at work all day and your children at preschool or daycare, or whether you're having to catch up on chores during the day, time with your toddlers or preschoolers must be focused. This makes the few hours we have with our children in the evening or on weekends even more precious.

Predictability and consistency is vital in parenting so that children can develop strong emotional systems. Distracted parental care can disrupt brain development in children.



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In a large international study of six thousand eight to thirteen year old children, 32% reported feeling "unimportant" when their parents use their cellphones during meals, conversations, or other family times. The children reported competing with technology for their parents' attention. Over half of the children in the study said their parents spend too much time on their phones.



Recent studies estimate that parents use television, computers, tablets and smartphones for nine hours per day on average. A third of this time is spent on smartphones, which, due to their portability, are often used during family activities such as meals, playtime, and bedtime -- all important times involved in shaping a child's social-emotional wellbeing. When parents are on their devices research shows that they have fewer conversations with their children and are more hostile when their offspring try to get their attention.


All in all it will be a very rewarding opportunity for any family to go device free at the dinner table or when attending your children's preschool, daycare or school or sport activities. Give them your full attention, take a breath and be happy! Enjoy your children!



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