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We hear about helicopter parenting and the criticism surrounding the over involvement and over cautiousness of parenting today.  To get the true benefit of healthy, preschool education parents need to consider how they can support and show interest in what their preschoolers are doing and learning every day.  It’s just way too easy to drop your preschoolers off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day without too much thought and interest in what they are learning and playing with. 


If parents or grandparents are in tune with what is happening in their child’s preschool classroom or child care facilitythey will be far better equipped to support, repeat and extend what is learned daily in preschool.   These actions will eventually form positive habits and help a child to feel confident repeating these actions at school or at home.   Some of the most important cognitive skills and development happens in their early preschool years and it is a wise parent who will continue these skills and habits in the home.


There are high expectations set on early childhood educators and getting parents involvement when they are dashing in and out of the preschool is difficult.   Establishing good lines of communication with the preschool and the teacher early on in the relationship will benefit your little ones as they learn so many new and difficult life skills.  You too will benefit in understanding where your child is struggling and where they are excelling and will have a better feel for your child’s overall competency.  Teachers will make observations about your child throughout the day so checking in with them regularly will help to keep you both on the same page.


Parent and family support and involvement will help your child throughout their learning years and build up confidence as they grow into independent adults.


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