Pop-Ins Schoolhouse

9083 West Peakview Drive 80123 Littleton, CO
Phone: 303-979-0094
Pop-ins Creative School House

3 – 4 years






Your 3 year old is learning that socializing, sharing, and taking turns are all part of their daily experience.


At three years old, we start to explore finer motor skills, when we are less worried (although only slightly) about your child placing smaller objects in their mouths! We still watch them like hawks, so please don't worry.


Together, the children engage in table-top activities handling various manipulatives, creating patterns, completing puzzles and engaging in other fine-motor activities. While the children delve into a multi-sensory, hands-on pre-writing program, they also begin to investigate the basic elements of pre-math through block building, sorting activities, sand and water play and games. Our 3s begin to tackle the basics of writing


All of our 3s enjoy exciting classroom curriculum throughout the year, including discovering the new "big kid" playground designed for the preschoolers, and local field trips from time to time.


Their curriculum is based upon language, activity, and movement. Storytime involves drama and action. This age group is encouraged to notice, identify, and participate in their learning experiences.