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Weather events, fires, floods, intruders and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are taken seriously and trained for by Pop-Ins Creative School House Staff. Please review the following action plan to know and understand how these scenarios will be handled and how to contact Pop-Ins Creative School House and your child or children. Pop-Ins Creative School House will be implementing the Standard Response Protocol from the "I Love You Guys" Foundation.


There are several types of emergency procedures:


Facility Evacuation: Facility evacuation is used to remove children and adults from a dangerous situation /safety / situation. An example of a facility evacuation would be evacuation the building during a fire drill.


Shelter In-Place: Keeping children and adults in place inside the building, and securing the facility for an immediate threat or emergency. Examples of shelter-in-place would include a tornado warning or poor air quality due to smoke from a wild fire.


Lockdown/Lockout: lockdown is used to protect children and adults inside a facility from a dangerous external threat. An example of a lock down situation would be an active shooter in the area.


Off-Site Evacuation: Off-site evacuation is used to move children and staff out of the entire area to a pre-designated shelter. An example of an off-site evacuation would be a gas leak in the neighborhood.


Evacuation away from the facility: Evacuation away from the facility is used to direct children and staff to an off-site location in the event of a threat to the location. The Child care facility may be directed to go to a Red Cross shelter instead of the facilities predetermined evacuation location. Examples of an evacuation away from the facility include a wild fire or flash flood.


All classrooms will be equipped with an emergency backpack with a first aid kit and student rosters with emergency contact information. All parents will be provided with a Pop-Ins Creative School House emergency contact list and evacuation location information.


Students with disabilities: will be actively assisted with emergency procedures by the teachers and /or aides in their classrooms. Any special apparatus for moving or evacuation special needs students will be kept available to the staff. All exits at Pop-Ins Creative School House are handicap accessible. Additional training, if necessary, will be provided to special needs students at the time or other emergency drills. Emergency personnel will he specifically advised of any special needs during emergency communications.


Facility Evacuation: Incase of the need to evacuate our site, the following procedures will be followed:


Evacuation exits: Emergency kits/backpacks will be gathered.
Two front doors, two rear doors, one side door. (west side). Windows as needed.
Children will be gathered at the south end of the parking lot and /or the south end of the upper playground.


Infants: Children will be evacuated together using one or more emergency crib/cribs on wheels. The infant room door or the north emergency exit will be used.


Notification: Once all children are safely evacuated:
911 will be called if it hasn't been called already. Parents will be notified of the evacuation.


Evacuation Sites:

Foothills fellowship Baptist church. 9179 W. Weaver Drive, Littleton, CO 80123. Phone: (303) 973-1637


Out of our neighborhood :
1. Lilley Gulch Recreation Center
6147 S. Holland Way, Littleton, CO 80123. Telephone: 303-409—2500


Transportation: Children will walk or be pushed in cribs to the neighborhood location.
Children will walk or be driven in school vans and /or personal vehicles, with car seats as available, to the out of neighborhood evacuation sites.
The Director and associate Director shall lead any evacuation and supervise searching the facility to ensure that all occupants have been evacuated and emergency kits are available. They will supervise teachers for attendance and will act as the contact person for emergency calls and communication.


Shelter-in-Place: In case of the need to stay inside sue to a tornado, severe weather, or notification from authorities (such as wildfire smoke), the following procedures will be followed.


Location: Children will be taken to an interior room in the center of the building.
Emergency supplies will be taken to the interior room by teachers as they leave their classrooms.


Parent Notification: Parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible or once the immediate threat has passed.


Lockout: A lockout recovers all students from outside the building, secures the building perimeter and locks all outside doors. At Pop-Ins Creative School House, all exterior doors remain locked always except for the front entrance which is secured by the door with key code access. This would be implemented when there is a threat or hazard outside of the building. Criminal activity, dangerous events in the area, or even a vicious dog nearby would be examples of a Lockout response. A Lockout allows for educational practices to continue with little interruption.


Parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible or once the immediate threat has passed.


Lockdown: Lock down is implemented when a threat is very close or inside the school. it is followed by a "locks, lights, out of sight" classroom initiated protocol that requires locking the classroom door, turning off the lights and placing children out of sight of any corridor or windows. It does not mandate locking outside doors. School business and classroom activities cease. No one can enter or leave the building. Children will use the rabbit yoga pose for safety




Pop-Ins Creative School House's response to an active shooter follows directives from the United States Department of Homeland Security.


1) Dial 911 and evacuate if possible, leave belongings behind
2) Help others avoid going near the shooter and help other escape
3) Hide out if evacuation is not possible. Lock the doors and/or barricade them with heavy furniture, keep everyone out of sight and hide behind large items.
4) Close and lock windows and close blinds or cover windows.
5) Silence all electronic devices. Remain silent.
6) Follow law enforcement instructions.
7) Parent/guardians will be notified as soon as possible or when the threat has passed.




In case of the need to evacuate or when parent/guardian is unable to get to the children, the following procedures will be followed to reunite families as soon as it is safe to do so.


Pop-Ins Creative School House will attempt to contact parent/guardian using emergency contact information provided by parent/guardian. Children will be released to contacts listed on the child's enrollment form with proper identification.