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As one of the leading Daycare providers in Littleton, Colorado we know only too well how important reading and literacy is to our Littleton community.   One of the most important parts of our day in our Childcare facility in Littleton, CO is storytime.   There is no doubt that making time each day to read to your toddlers, preschoolers or kindergarteners will have the most beneficial results for families.   Besides the benefits of learning about language, feelings, friendship and manners there are benefits such as bringing warmth,  bonding and stability each day with your children.  Parents will benefit by taking some time out to sit with their little ones and enjoy a good story.  Here are a few tips to make the experience beneficial:


  • Turn off any devices such as TV, radio or electronics.
  • Find a comfy chair and quiet place to sit.
  • Keep your child close to you so they can see the pictures while listening to the story.
  • Let your child choose the book even if it’s a repeat performance of their favorite.
  • Making funny comments and noises and faces will bring much laughter.
  • Repeat some of the words and let your child try to say the word


A good idea if you have older children is to involve them in the story time.   Let them answer some of the questions you ask and perhaps act out some of the story for your little one.   This ritual will be enjoyed by all members of the family and become a huge joyful memory as your children grow.
Here are a few wonderful suggestions for your children to read about other people's Holiday traditions around the world:


  1. Africa: A Stork in a Baobab Tree: An African 12 Days of Christmas by Catherine House

A Stork in a Baobab Tree is set to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. We are swooped away to an African village and introduced to thatched roofs, grazing goats and a Baobab tree.


  1. Italy:  Bambinelli Sunday: A Christmas Blessing by Amy Welborn

Alessandro watches his grandfather and thinks about his parents who are away.  His grandparents suggest he make a Bambino for Bambinelli Sunday in Rome.  This is a tradition that takes place on the third Sunday of Advent.  Children come to St. Peter’s Square where the Holy Father blesses them. The children then return the babies to their manger scenes.


  1. Russia:  The Miracle of St. Nicholas: by Gloria Whelan

Set in a small Russian village, a babushka tells the story of a past Christmas before the soldiers arrived.  It’s a story of having faith and hope.


  1. United States: Christmas in America: by Callista Gingrich

Learn how Christmas has been celebrated in the United States throughout history in Christmas in America.  Topics include colonists in Williamsburg, Virginia, Andrew Jackson at the White House, and Calvin Coolidge as he lights the first national Christmas tree.


  1. Australia: Tea and Sugar: Christmas by Jane Jolly

The Trans-Australian Railway train would travel across the Nullarbor Plain delivering goods and services to the people. Once a year, Santa would travel along delivering gifts to the children.  The book provides not only a look at Australian history, but is also a heart-warming story.


This lovely lift-the-flap book shares key facts about Christmas celebrations and festivities the world over


  1. Mexico: The Legend of the Poinsettia: by Tomie dePaola

The Legend of the Poinsettia is a Mexican legend that tells how the poinsettia came to be the flower of the Holy Night.  Tomie dePaola is a master storyteller and the illustrations in the book are beautiful.


  1. Sweden:  Hanna’s Christmas: by Melissa Peterson

Hanna’s family recently moved to America and she is not happy about the move.  She misses her home in Sweden with her Mormor, the farm and life in general.  Then, a box from her Mormor arrives and inside she discovers lots of Christmas goodies and a tomten who had mistakenly been placed inside the box.  Tomtens are magical creatures who live on farms and help with chores. They say that if a tomten is happy, then he will bring you good luck.  Will this tomten bring Hanna good luck?  Learn about Swedish customs in this sweet story.


  1. Israel - Biscuit's Hanukkah Board book: by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Come along with Biscuit as he makes a beautiful menorah to celebrate Hanukkah. It's a great time for stories, songs, food and friends!

These are all wonderful suggestions for stocking stuffers for our cold, winter nights by the fire.   Enjoy your children and Happy Holidays from Pop-Ins Schoolhouse where literacy is vital.

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