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Despite all the festivities and joy over this holiday season, many parents report feeling stressed to keep up.   Holiday Perfectionism is one of the major causes of this stress.   Perfect gifts, perfect catering, perfect decorations and it doesn’t end there.   We all want the holidays to be flawless but that comes with an enormous price tag.


Now, more than ever, it seems that our holidays are going to go back to cautious celebrating, so why not embrace the imperfections and enjoy every minute.

I love imperfection: Jeans with holes, furniture with chipped paint, wood with dents,and rooms that aren't color coordinated with the decorations placed just right. I also love imperfect people.You know, the ones who use the "wrong" fork, who aren't dressed for the occasion, who don't know the answer and who laugh at themselves and the funny things they do.


Actually, all human beings are imperfect. Pretending to be perfect or only accepting yourself if you are perfect brings misery. Sometimes your imperfections are issues you need to work on but accepting them is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and opens up your connection to others who are also imperfect.


With the demands of perfectionism comes let downs and disappointment when things don’t quite go according to plan.   This can cause high levels of unhappiness and stress so why not let go of what you can't control and enjoy how it all turns out anyway. 

Keep in mind that this year has the added problems of delivery and supply chain disruptions so you have to accept that you won't always find the exactly right gift for each person or child.
Make sure that you get alternative Holiday gift lists so that children have a choice of various things that would make them happy.   Don’t corner yourself into looking for one particular item as this will prove difficult.


There are so many ways to make this holiday season majical for your children. 


  1.  Spending down time with them just reading a story.
  2. Watching their favorite TV show
  3. Making cookies and enjoying the mess of decorating them
  4. Cooking together
  5. Treasure hunting in the house for treats
  6. Decorating together
  7. Taking a drive to see the Holiday Lights
  8. Painting nails
  9. Enjoy socializing casually with friends
  10. Don’t fuss over the food, buy ready made and healthy options and dress them up
  11. Have a crazy pajama party with the kids
  12. Build and indoor tent with the duvets
  13. Instead of trying to hand make gifts, try to make cards with your children, for your close family.

While sharing and celebrating may look a little different this year, it is important to treasure the moments of joy in the holidays and feel satisfaction at what is possible, such as video calls, for example. After all, a happy Christmas is what you’re seeking, not a time of exhaustion and dismay.


Above all, be happy with whatever comes your way and laugh a lot with your children.   Happy Holidays to all, relax and enjoy your imperfections.