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Positive parenting isn't just teaching children how to love and be kind to others, it's about respect for the world around them, the earth, animals, and kindness to the elderly and themselves.  Children learn acceptable behavior by imitating what they see. Parents, teachers, and peers all have an impact on this learned behavior.


Here are a few ideas to encourage children to love:

  1. Show love through example. -  Being a role model and mentor and showing the personality traits you want your child to have.   If you display warmth, caring, patience, and kindness children will grow into these habits.
  2. Show love through discipline. - Teach them to help in the home and to get things done on time  It shows that you care about those around them.
  3. Show love through honesty- It’s OK to say I don’t know.
  4. Show love through loyalty- Respect for family members, and helping if they need it.   Giving daily warmth, hugs or a pat on the shoulder goes a long way.
  5. Show love through praise- Praise your child’s efforts so they stay motivated and don’t give up.
  6. Show love through listening- Make eye contact when they talk to you and don’t interrupt.   Show you are listening with a head nod or nonverbal gestures and ask questions.
  7. Show love through empathy- If they are upset put yourself in their shoes and respond with empathy.
  8. Show love through communication- Ask how they are doing and how was their day at school.  Ask about their friends and what they enjoyed about their day.
  9. Show love through healthy meals- Share healthy mealtimes at the table. This is a great time to communicate and let them help prepare the meal.
  10. Show love through self-love- Teach kids to love their bodies and look after them by exercising, getting outdoors, and keeping their bodies clean.  Talking to kids about the different shapes, sizes, and color differences that this wonderful world has to offer. 
  11. Show love through acceptance- Teach kids to accept what they cannot change and that it’s ok to make mistakes and learn from them.  Teaching children to accept others who may look and behave differently will go a long way as they grow older and have to work and communicate in this world.
  12. Show love through forgiveness- Teach children how to forgive and let go. There are many reasons why others display their worst behavior, but it doesn’t mean you should do the same. Your child will learn how to see the best in others, instead of automatically assuming the worst.


We are all trying to help our children boost their emotional health and help them to build their self-esteem and social skills so that they can enjoy joyful relationships with others.